Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday post!

I took a few travel fit ceptors to Venal the other day to search for a wormhole/chain to Curse (or somewhere that I could get my ships to).  I looked around a bit and before long, I discovered a C5 in K3J that connected to Scalding Pass!  Scalding Pass is just a few jumps away from YKE, so I thought that was a good start.  I was pretty excited about the start of my search, but it didn't get any better.  I spent a few hours probing out as much as I could until I gave up and used that one to move back some cruiser hulls.  I moved a cynabal, an omen navy issue, a loki, a stratios, an extra orthrus, as well as a few others.  After that, I grabbed my bear ships and ran a few plexes before going to bed.

I've had about 20 or so offers from various corps saying "JOIN US!"  I'm interested in joining someone, of course.  I just want to hopefully find a place I can call home.  I've had a fuckton of of shitty offers, but a few good ones.  I won't say who is more favored at this point, but soon enough, you'll know.  At this point, after getting over 150 kills with the boys in YKE, I'm pretty much up to date on most of the changes since I left.  I'm comfortable fighting outnumbered, and can honestly say my piloting skills are good.  There are a few more things I'd like to do before moving to a new home, like clean up my assets window a bit.  In time, that'll get taken care of.  I've also started to get used to the new shitty icon changes, so when I look in my overview, it doesn't look like a wreck is trying to warp scramble me anymore.  It's a frigate.  Yes, the icons could have used some tweeks, but taking a giant shit all over the entire thing wasn't necessary.  Fucking CCP.  I guess I wasn't aware so many publords were complaining about the icons.

For the time being, I'm not going to be broadcasting to hitbox (or twitch).  I'm more interested in recording EVE clips to eventually come up with a video.  So far, I don't have anything super incredible, but a couple decent little scraps against randoms.  I'm pretty sure I'll have a good amount of content in the next month.

I'm just about done giving away all the stuff I've collected on the Barlynaland server.  Tomorrow, I'll let people loot what's left of my base, then TNT it into oblivion.  After that, I'll be starting fresh near one of the borders.

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