Saturday, August 15, 2015

An update!

Good day to everyone!  I'd like to touch up on a few things that have been going through my head recently (other than the dick, penis, and cock jokes) in this entry.

An update on the local Curse retards - OUCH/A4D

The most recent fight that I was part of was against OUCH, oddly enough.  They're some scrublord training corp that resort to using jamming to gank single ships.  Much like A4D, they're Bronze Tier bads, at best.

I'll start from just before shit went down.  I had a rapier watching the K-Q gate in CL- and a cloaked sabre on the other side, as you do.  Some retard from TEST tried moving through in a travel fit imicus.  That's what you do to get around.  You slap a cloak onto a frig and you're 100% safe.  Anyways, he dies to my sabre in CL- and OUCH apparently sees this with one of their cloaked falcons sitting on grid.

About 15 minutes later, a stratios and a vengeance come through the gate.  The stratios cloaks and the vengeance, piloted by QINTAKI (who later goes ballistic in local chat), reapproaches the gate and pulls a 500m orbit.  We get things started by bringing Disposable over in an orthrus to shoot at him a bit.  QINTAKI jumps and I bubble him on the CL side.  He still does nothing but circle the gate in fear.  I burn off the gate with my sabre and Dispo's agro drops, so he joins.  At this point, the vengance pilots finds himself 15 k off the gate because he started trying to chase me, but gets warp scrambled and dies in just a few volleys from the rapid lights.  It was maybe five or six seconds before he actually popped that the OUCH falcon decloaks off the gate.  Without hesitation, I burn straight for him and I drop some bubbles.  That's exactly when I start moving my tengu up from YKE because now the stratios pilot, Miss Teri, jumps in as well to throw down some dps on Dispo's orthrus.  Sockz Wardrobe joins the party in a comet and a second falcon arrives on grid.

My tengu arrives in time to help kill off the comet and murderize the falcon stuck in my bubbles.  The stratios and second falcon fucked off before we could get them tackled, but in the end, it wasn't the killmails that were so interesting.  It was the salt.

[03:08:00] QINTAKI > i was tryn to fight the sabre your the shitlords that had to bring more
[03:08:14] QINTAKI > faggot fucks fucking fuck
[03:08:27] QINTAKI > so go elsewhere clowns
[03:08:31] Bartholomew Brewster > I guess it's as hard to believe as Dispo with no army of alts behind him.

[03:08:59] Acki Juc > ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED
[03:09:02] Bartholomew Brewster > You fucks suck at this game. BLobbing fuckers.

There is no excuse for losing any ships to two guys if you're using two falcons.  None.  Yet, they lost three.  They still called us "shitlords."  Cute.  I'm going to put this into perspective.  Let's take a look at the killboards!  When is the last time I lost a ship to A4D ?  November 29th, 2012.  I lost a cynabal.  Look for yourself.  Remember, this is using THEIR killboard.

It took them three hours to RF a poco in YKE.  I should start posting this in local every time I pass through:

Pewpew Video Music

Right, moving on.  For my upcoming pewpew video, which won't be coming out for some time yet, I've been trying to select some different tunes that weren't too heavy and would sound appropriate for it.  Respecting amazing pvpers from the past (made by guys like Xaeon, Ace101, and DHB Wildcat), I will not allow myself to use the following songs - they are off limits:

Saturday Superhouse
Hunting for Witches
Here to Stay
The Pretender

There are others that they have used, but these I consider the four above to be unique to the specific fights they were part of.  If anyone else uses these songs in their own videos, they should choke on ebola covered cowshit and then have their bodies burned on live TV with their families present.  Not really, but you get the idea.

Something Else

For the love of science, please go through this.  There are several other mistakes that are commonly made.  Remember, people bring things to you and take things away, not the other way around.  Correct examples: "Please bring your report to my office" and "please take this report to the receptionist."

Years don't have apostrophes. "1960s" is correct but "1960's" is not.

Irregardless and unthaw are not words.

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