Saturday, July 9, 2016

Only people that enjoy real music will know where this is from

Oh God it's time I gotta say goodbye I gotta say goodbye I gotta say goodbye now I gotta say goodbye I'm gonna go home and get on my big wheel gonna get on my big wheel No I'm gonna get on my bicycle no I'm gonna get on my scooter no my scooter No I'm gonna go on my bicycle I'm gonna get on my on my tonka truck I'm gonna get on my tonka truck I'm gonna take it I'm gonna go down the strip, smash it up against the window I'm I'm gonna smash it up against the window yeah I am I'm gonna smash up against one I got a pet rock I got a pet rock too I got a pet rock it's really cool I got a pet rock that's pretty cool I got a pet rock It's more like a it's like it's like a it's like a it's like a worry stone It's a worry stone You take it you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you rub it, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry SHIT She...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hello again!

Fozzzzzzzzzzzie Sov

Let me begin.  I don't have a problem with Fozzie Sov.  It's changed what we see in 0.0 a good degree.  We've seen lots of smaller alliances looking to live in 0.0 that realistically can now - in regions such as Catch, Cloud Ring, Wicked Creek, Cobalt Edge, and Scalding Pass.  The people who typically bitch about the new mechanics are those of unskilled blob alliances such as Goonswarm and Gentlemen's Club.  With very few exceptions, these entities have narrow vision and approach large fights in a conquer-the-grid style of "pvp."  They also have sizable supercap fleets used in the previous mechanic for grinding sov structures, which have millions of HP, Player Owned Customs Offices, and capital killing.

Fozzie Sov allows for the smaller entity to actually take a system or two without having to use capitals in doing so.  It does give you an assload of work later if you blue ball an entosis link ceptor.  It doesn't take much to defend a system, but what blob alliances are complaining about is actually having to respond to a troll ceptor or small gang.  This is what the bitching is about.  Remember kids, the max velocity of a ship using the entosis link is 4k.  Yes, the system is not perfect, but I don't think it's bad and this tends to encourage content creation.  It doesn't give a good reason to live in sov 0.0, but the sov mechanics system is something I really think is fine (could be tuned or adjusted of course, but the principle is solid).

Fighting for control of a system might be more dynamic now with players being able to (more easily) hit at several spots at once, something not seen much in years past.  An example of this is talked about in this Reddit post.  The biggest thing I've personally noticed is the extra content in EVE in the nearby region of Scalding Pass.  Just in the last few months, several alliances have moved in and been kicked out.  Two Inch Terror, Dramatic Exit, and Mad Associates are included in this group.  It's also given us some comical killmails.  All of our opinions as players need to be listened to, even the highsec miners out there.  I ask that you do a bit of looking around and you'll see what's going on.

Other Crap

I work in a Transitional Care Unit / Nursing Home as a nurse and the thing that fucking pisses me off the most is seeing the aides not helping their patients, not answering call lights, and lying about their jobs.  Suck it up and do your jobs.  You're there for the patients.  You don't have to like each other, but you do need to respect one another.  Take care of your shit.  Ask for help.  Use some of that stuff we call "integrity."  Also, take care of your own people before helping someone else's people.  It doesn't work when you go answer your partner's light before you answer one of three that are going off on your group.

Even in 2015, we still haven't figured out how to optimize traffic lights.  Why must we sit at a red light for two minutes at 3:00 AM when there's nobody around ?  I should record a trip through Minneapolis and point out where the fuck lights can be fixed at.

Been playing some Heroes of the Storm.  It's free.  Not that great, but free.  Gotta do something until Fallout 4 comes out.

On that note, I'll leave you with this.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

An update!

Good day to everyone!  I'd like to touch up on a few things that have been going through my head recently (other than the dick, penis, and cock jokes) in this entry.

An update on the local Curse retards - OUCH/A4D

The most recent fight that I was part of was against OUCH, oddly enough.  They're some scrublord training corp that resort to using jamming to gank single ships.  Much like A4D, they're Bronze Tier bads, at best.

I'll start from just before shit went down.  I had a rapier watching the K-Q gate in CL- and a cloaked sabre on the other side, as you do.  Some retard from TEST tried moving through in a travel fit imicus.  That's what you do to get around.  You slap a cloak onto a frig and you're 100% safe.  Anyways, he dies to my sabre in CL- and OUCH apparently sees this with one of their cloaked falcons sitting on grid.

About 15 minutes later, a stratios and a vengeance come through the gate.  The stratios cloaks and the vengeance, piloted by QINTAKI (who later goes ballistic in local chat), reapproaches the gate and pulls a 500m orbit.  We get things started by bringing Disposable over in an orthrus to shoot at him a bit.  QINTAKI jumps and I bubble him on the CL side.  He still does nothing but circle the gate in fear.  I burn off the gate with my sabre and Dispo's agro drops, so he joins.  At this point, the vengance pilots finds himself 15 k off the gate because he started trying to chase me, but gets warp scrambled and dies in just a few volleys from the rapid lights.  It was maybe five or six seconds before he actually popped that the OUCH falcon decloaks off the gate.  Without hesitation, I burn straight for him and I drop some bubbles.  That's exactly when I start moving my tengu up from YKE because now the stratios pilot, Miss Teri, jumps in as well to throw down some dps on Dispo's orthrus.  Sockz Wardrobe joins the party in a comet and a second falcon arrives on grid.

My tengu arrives in time to help kill off the comet and murderize the falcon stuck in my bubbles.  The stratios and second falcon fucked off before we could get them tackled, but in the end, it wasn't the killmails that were so interesting.  It was the salt.

[03:08:00] QINTAKI > i was tryn to fight the sabre your the shitlords that had to bring more
[03:08:14] QINTAKI > faggot fucks fucking fuck
[03:08:27] QINTAKI > so go elsewhere clowns
[03:08:31] Bartholomew Brewster > I guess it's as hard to believe as Dispo with no army of alts behind him.

[03:08:59] Acki Juc > ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED
[03:09:02] Bartholomew Brewster > You fucks suck at this game. BLobbing fuckers.

There is no excuse for losing any ships to two guys if you're using two falcons.  None.  Yet, they lost three.  They still called us "shitlords."  Cute.  I'm going to put this into perspective.  Let's take a look at the killboards!  When is the last time I lost a ship to A4D ?  November 29th, 2012.  I lost a cynabal.  Look for yourself.  Remember, this is using THEIR killboard.

It took them three hours to RF a poco in YKE.  I should start posting this in local every time I pass through:

Pewpew Video Music

Right, moving on.  For my upcoming pewpew video, which won't be coming out for some time yet, I've been trying to select some different tunes that weren't too heavy and would sound appropriate for it.  Respecting amazing pvpers from the past (made by guys like Xaeon, Ace101, and DHB Wildcat), I will not allow myself to use the following songs - they are off limits:

Saturday Superhouse
Hunting for Witches
Here to Stay
The Pretender

There are others that they have used, but these I consider the four above to be unique to the specific fights they were part of.  If anyone else uses these songs in their own videos, they should choke on ebola covered cowshit and then have their bodies burned on live TV with their families present.  Not really, but you get the idea.

Something Else

For the love of science, please go through this.  There are several other mistakes that are commonly made.  Remember, people bring things to you and take things away, not the other way around.  Correct examples: "Please bring your report to my office" and "please take this report to the receptionist."

Years don't have apostrophes. "1960s" is correct but "1960's" is not.

Irregardless and unthaw are not words.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trainer Corp - wtfm8 ?

Just for fun, I'll give you a history of my pvp activities since returning to EVE.  I started a corporation which consists of only my main characters: Acki Juc, Seros Kal, and Jangizal.  I live in Curse with some like minded friends.  This is Trainer Corp.  I have no official blues.  If there's an opportunity to kill something, I'll take it.  We get some various kills here and there, but I'll go over some of the more interesting ones.  When I say "we," I'm usually just referring to the local YKE guys, Dispo, Ethan, Voodo, Ales, and Freesoul.  This does not include the bads that live next door in K-Q.  Many entities get us mixed up with a4d and think we use falcons.  We do not.

One of the first things I did when I came back to the game was bring down a shield vexor navy issue that does 800+ dps (and goes 2.8k m/s) to the F4R2-Q area with the intention of killing something in the MB- pocket.  Jumping into this system, I scanned down a mega that was running anomalies.  I narrowly miss him, but end up landing within 10k of a rapier that was decloaked at a spot off the ZXIC gate.  He had a velocity of 0 m/s.  The mega had warped to a tactical off this gate, but was 300km from me, so I immediately brawled down the rapier from Pandemic Horde.  This was my first kill in half a year.

The next day, we kill off a plexing tengu.  He sent in his pilgrim friend only after the tengu was about to pop.  He could have warped off on the warp gate, but instead suicided into us.  Some people never cease to amaze.  After that, three of us break up a pretty serious mining op through a wormhole in the Spire.  Not long after that, we come back and fuck with them again.  There were more, but since we didn't lose anything, they naturally don't show up on the killboard.  Unfortunately, I wasn't recording any of this pewpew yet, so it will only live in memories and killboards.

On the 29th (28th in the US), we took a few cruisers and paid a visit to the retards in Wicked Creek, Concordiat/TEST Alliance.  We first ganked a couple miners in SO-X5L and 1-7B6D.  No response.  We hung around to give them some time to form a gang to drive us out.  Eventually they brought out a hurricane, machariel, and ishtar.  All of these ships died ( ).

I'll move forward to the 3rd of June.  I was docked watching Youtube videos and local goes up by one in YKE.  Nothing out of the ordinary, right ?  I undock and caught an orca on scan.  He was trying to collapse the wormhole that was in system that connected to a C5.  We get tackle in place on both sides, including a dictor, and chewing through all that hp.  Ryvius, the name of the orca pilot, manages to get back into the C5, but not in time.  He's tackled, polarized, and dead.  I even had a mach in YKE ready to bump.

My first recording that I have of any action since returning to EVE is this tengu.  We were going through to the MB- pocket in small stuff.  I was doing the lead scout role in a dramiel, just because that's what I wanted to do.  I warp to a tactical off Jamunda and there's a fucking tengu burning towards Jamunda from a mobile depot that was sitting above the gate.  I warp to the depot at range and scram the tengu straight away.  Caia, the pilot of the tengu, actually turned around, away from the gate, and let me tackle him.  Odd boy, indeed.  A bit of backup arrives and he dies a horrible death.

We killed total0WNAG3 in a shitfit drake.  Sadly, I had respect for him until this point.  He is no longer on my list of pilots that can be considered better than I am at EVE.  It's a huge list, don't worry.  You're probably on it.  It was just sad to see him die without really putting up any sort of a fight.

Later on, we found another wormhole that led to Oasa.  We brought a stiletto and two orthruses.  These Alternate Allegiance guys are about as bad as they come in 0.0.  Just the three of us ruined their day.  I really wish I had recorded the entire fight, but only got the final moments.  We left but came back moments later.  On our return trip, we managed to snag a few other ships including an ishtar and heretic.

On June 6th, we had a really good brawl with some Verge of Collapse guys that were looking to get some insurance money.  They hung around long enough for freesoul to fly all the way back to YKE from Rage, which was something like 10 jumps away, and switch ships.  VoC brought a stiletto, a typhoon, a maelstrom, a scythe fleet issue, and a stabber fleet issue.  We brought three drakes and a scythe.  In the end, they lost three of those ships, but didn't start talking shit, unlike the Guns N' Roses fanbois of a4d.  They also didn't use ecm faggotry ships, so added respect for that.

Moving on to June 12th here, a4d + friends try moving through one of our systems, RMOC-W, in an armor blob full of committing ships logi with ecm ships behind them.  Thinking they can go through our space as they please, they land in a bubble only to get assraped by three orthruses and an arbitrator.  They end up losing a guardian, caracal, vexor, maulus, cynabal, and an augoror.  I love these kids.  They talk so much trash, yet can't figure out why they keep getting rekt.

Another group of retards in the area that loves to use ecm is this Quantum Link Company corp.  They literally never fight.  The only knowledge of this game is jam and cloak.  That's it.  So, when we scout a cloaky sabre falcon scrub doing something other than setting up to gank a single ship, we go for the jugular.  Mike Rutsh, one of the retards in that corp, is spotted running a plex in Farit, using a rattlesnake.  We get in our blops ships and drop on him on his way out of system.  This is what Quantum Link will be known for from now on.

One of the many scrubs in a4d that pretends he's not terrible at EVE is DsItnangel.  He started running a plex (8/10 if I remember correctly) in a domi and stopped because one of our guys was in local.  He sat in system cloaked up for a fucking day before trying to leave.  On his attempt to make it out, we were ready.  We were able to probe him out, hard tackle him, kill him, and finish the site that he started.  What a muppet.

We run through a wormhole that leads to Malpais.  There's five of us, so we run what I like to call "Puff Fleet," which is just two interceptors and multiple roaming ships.  This way, you can do things a lot faster.  You have the freedom to quickly scout two areas, find targets in a single system faster, or keep something pinned on each side of a gate.  It's more fun than having to rely on one dude (even if he's the shit) to provide content for your gang. 

That's what happened with with the nestor.  Voodo went one way, I went another.  I happened to be the guy that found a nestor parked next to an orca in a mining belt.  We had the cruisers a few jumps away, and managed to kill him before any backup arrived to drive me away.

Okay, until this point, I've had no ship losses, but sadly that was about to change.  I made a piloting error.  I brought an omen navy issue to help fight a random ishtar traveling through curse with legion - lawl ? - links.  I get a bit too close to him and with those links + overheated t2 web (rofl), I lose enough speed for him to put a scram on me.  If an ishtar is able to put a scram on an omen navy, it's dead.  Not much you can do.  The rep isn't going to keep you alive with geckos on you from a drone boat.  I had my orthrus jumping in.  Weed Jones, the retard that was piloting the ishtar, didn't warp off.  He stayed long enough for me to get a point and set a safe orbit at 35k away.  He died.  To this day, this remains the only ship loss I've suffered since my return to EVE a few months ago.

I was a bit on edge, so I ran through the wormhole to Malpais and started hunting for something to kill.  Lucky for me, I snagged a BoT gila.  That loot more than made up for the omen loss.

We move forward, once again, to June 29th.  This wormhole that we find is about as good as they come.  There's a direct from curse straight to NB-ALM, which is next door to a Dream Fleet jump bridge system with station.  I tell the guys that I'll part a cloaked sabre off the station in line with the jump bridge.  I was only joking at first, but then I thought that might actually be a good idea.  So I do just that.  This was after a quick brawl with a gila, thorax, and enyo.  15 minutes after I send Acki in, something appears on scan from the jb.  It's a rhea.  A fucking RHEA.  I uncloak and put up a bubble.  Now we play the waiting game.  It's possible the guy finds me on scan, but I sit patiently anyway.  My backup is next door in the wormhole system.  It seems like an hour passes when finally he lands on my bubble.  I drop another and bring everyone in.  We had a gila, cynabal, orthrus, sabre, scythe, and malediction in all.  Dream Fleet responds by undocking an mjd domi, cerberus, and ishtar.  Things didn't work out for them.

On the 4th of July, we take out some high dps frigs and head towards Dramatic Exit space.  I feel like giving them a lesson on EVE Online play.  Of course, we killed some of their stuff, but it was more their response that interested me.  I'm in one of their public channels, so some of them thought I was blue.  I've told them over and over that I'm not a blue.  We're "frienemies."  I will shoot you.  You can shoot me.  It's pretty simple and I like how that works.  They didn't understand this at the time.  Anyway, the following messages were said:

[ 2015.07.04 21:07:17 ] Merfyn Auscent > Acki, you fucking traitor! I thought you loved me :(
[ 2015.07.04 21:02:30 ] Kuba Maken > fuck you niggers
[ 2015.07.04 21:23:31 ] TheDivineShadow > Acki, do you seriously expect getting any logi in fleets coming around here like that?You are not excused, it's that simple. And yes, I get pissed :)

Needless to say, they were a bit unhappy.

Just a few days ago, I checked a random deadend system that was about 15 jumps away in Scalding Pass.  There was an apoc sitting @ 0 on the in gate in his own large bubbles.  The bubbles reached to about 100km off the gate itself, so I was almost certain he was mjd fit.  Why wouldn't you be ?  These guys didn't have eyes in the system I was in, yet he still aggressed my ceptor.  At range, there was a cruise missile raven, a bomber, and some other random shit.  Nothing gave me a real threat so, I jumped in our rupture and vexor navy issue (the same exact ship that brawled down the rapier, my first kill since starting Trainer Corp) and murderize the apoc.  These retards are known as Two Inch Terror.  The new kids on the block.  This is where we're going to find content.  I can feel it.

We leave and come back later.  I bring a nano vigilant.  Something slightly different from your every day roaming ship and incredibly effective at killing things within 25k.  On our return trip, we find some dudes beat us to the scene.  It's a few Rolled Out (TRI) who have tackled an orca and other shit in a mining belt.  We bro up for the time being and start working on these TIT clowns.  After TIT dropped two carriers on the field and getting massacred, the killboard looked something like this.  That pretty much leads us to where we're at right now.  As of this post, I have 321 unique kills and one loss.  That's 51.08 billion ISK in damage and 196 m in losses.  I've made quite a bit of cash, even after the omen navy loss, purchasing a vargur, a backup orthrus, and dozens of other random ships.

It is ISK farming time.  Soon, I will join a corp.  I'm still not 100% sure who I want to fly with, but it certainly won't be Goons.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday post!

I took a few travel fit ceptors to Venal the other day to search for a wormhole/chain to Curse (or somewhere that I could get my ships to).  I looked around a bit and before long, I discovered a C5 in K3J that connected to Scalding Pass!  Scalding Pass is just a few jumps away from YKE, so I thought that was a good start.  I was pretty excited about the start of my search, but it didn't get any better.  I spent a few hours probing out as much as I could until I gave up and used that one to move back some cruiser hulls.  I moved a cynabal, an omen navy issue, a loki, a stratios, an extra orthrus, as well as a few others.  After that, I grabbed my bear ships and ran a few plexes before going to bed.

I've had about 20 or so offers from various corps saying "JOIN US!"  I'm interested in joining someone, of course.  I just want to hopefully find a place I can call home.  I've had a fuckton of of shitty offers, but a few good ones.  I won't say who is more favored at this point, but soon enough, you'll know.  At this point, after getting over 150 kills with the boys in YKE, I'm pretty much up to date on most of the changes since I left.  I'm comfortable fighting outnumbered, and can honestly say my piloting skills are good.  There are a few more things I'd like to do before moving to a new home, like clean up my assets window a bit.  In time, that'll get taken care of.  I've also started to get used to the new shitty icon changes, so when I look in my overview, it doesn't look like a wreck is trying to warp scramble me anymore.  It's a frigate.  Yes, the icons could have used some tweeks, but taking a giant shit all over the entire thing wasn't necessary.  Fucking CCP.  I guess I wasn't aware so many publords were complaining about the icons.

For the time being, I'm not going to be broadcasting to hitbox (or twitch).  I'm more interested in recording EVE clips to eventually come up with a video.  So far, I don't have anything super incredible, but a couple decent little scraps against randoms.  I'm pretty sure I'll have a good amount of content in the next month.

I'm just about done giving away all the stuff I've collected on the Barlynaland server.  Tomorrow, I'll let people loot what's left of my base, then TNT it into oblivion.  After that, I'll be starting fresh near one of the borders.