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Four Steps

The other day, around 7:00 in the afternoon, we had a patient arrive at the floor on our ward and was refusing everything under the sun.  Medications, vital signs, blood tests, you name it.  If we needed it, his answer was "no."  More than one nurse had gone in to see what they could do, but to no avail.  The nurse caring for the gentleman asked me to try to see what I was able to do.  Without even knowing his name or background, I threw on my fancy little N95 mask and opened the door.  All the lights were off.  The only light entering the room was from behind the blinds, which was limited at this point. I introduced myself and followed four simple steps.  The same four basic steps when talking to someone who is rigidly partisan.  I should note here that being an ideological person, like myself, one can be persuaded through reason.  According to Amash, one will find a "partisan cannot be persuaded of anything countering the consensus of his tribe," which can be e

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